Jimmy Kimmel Vows Extreme Revenge on Famous Celebrity Who Sent 'Gift' to His Daughter

December 21, 2017Dec 21, 2017

Jimmy Kimmel has just made a vow to get his revenge on Carson Daly for a hilarious reason! According to Kimmel, Daly recently gave his daughter a gift that caused a lot of pain and frustration!

Daly decided to give a large toy food truck to Kimmel's daughter! However, it was apparently very hard to build and took Kimmel a long time to assemble it! Kimmel even shared a social media post while building it and vowed to get Daly back.

"Dear @carsondaly & @siridaly - thank you for this terrible gift. It only took four hours to assemble but Jane loves it. I will get you for this," wrote Jimmy.


It was a light-hearted moment and fans loved the running joke between the two. However, Daly says there is more to the story than the one-sided version Jimmy is telling.

"He got my son, Jackson, a big giant Nerf blaster a couple of years ago, which was big and awesome, but he also got with it 1.2 million extra Nerf darts," Carson revealed Thursday morning on TODAY. "They're all over my house — still. So there you go, buddy!"


What do you think about this? Do you think this is hilarious? Let us know your thoughts! Also, be sure to read our breaking news article about a huge Amber Alert that was just issued!

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