Jimmy Kimmel Involved in Head-on Car Crash in Hollywood

February 02, 2018Feb 02, 2018

The late-night comedian Kimmy Kimmel was recently involved in a head-on car crash in Hollywood, according to Fox News

The crash occurred on Thursday after Kimmel crashed his BMW into another car in Hollywood, California. The talk show host reportedly made a wrong turn onto the Sunset Strip, ignoring a sign telling him that he couldn't turn left. After making the wrong turn, a crash quickly followed.

Kimmel reportedly jammed the front of his car into the side of an Audi. After the cars collided, the airbags in both vehicles were suddenly released. Nobody involved in the accident was seriously injured. 

TMZ provides a picture of Jimmy Kimmel appearing on the side of the road next to the individual who owned the other vehicle. It is clear that the picture is taken at the scene of the accident. 

Los Angeles police and firefighters arrived at the scene immediately after the crash, as photos and reports reveal.

According to the New York Daily News, each car was seriously damaged as a result of the crash. Both damaged vehicles remained in the intersection after the drivers got out. 

Now, according to Hollywood Reporter, Jimmy Kimmel is being mocked two weeks after the incident. Right below the "right turn only" sign that Kimmel didn't pay attention due while driving, there is a sign that says "includes idiot comedians." 

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