Ex-Baseball Star Dies Shortly After Former Team Member

November 16, 2017Nov 16, 2017

Many members of the Chicago White Sox are in mourning as one of their former star players recently passed away. Outfielder “Jungle Jim” Rivera passed away on Monday evening, November 13th, but the news regarding his death was not released until the day after.

Rivera was 96 years old at the time of his death—living a long and successful life following his professional sports career. He reportedly died in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Daily Herald provided his stats for his plays in just over 1,000 games: batting .257, 77 home runs, 382 RBI, and 146 stolen bases.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Rivera died only a few weeks after one of his former team members—Jim Landis. Landis, who played center field, passed on October 7th at 83 years old.

The White Sox released the following statement:

“Sadly, yet another former White Sox star from our 1959 American League pennant-winning team has passed away as Jim Rivera joined many of his teammates [Monday] night. Jim was a key member of the Go-Go White Sox teams of the 1950s, teaming with fellow outfielders Minnie Minoso, Jim Landis and others.”

The statement continued, “It was amazing to see the friendship and camaraderie among those men whenever they gathered together at a Sox game, even if it was decades after they last played together. We imagine they are having quite a clubhouse meeting today. We extend our condolences to Nancy Rivera and the entire Rivera family at his passing.”


This sad news also comes shortly after an MLB Hall of Famer from another baseball team passed away.

Please keep Jim Rivera’s friends, family, fans, and loved ones in your prayers. In other recent news, Al Frank’s accuser held a press conference, answered whether he should resign or not.

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