Jim Caviezel Shares the Life Changing Message Conveyed in 'Paul, Apostle of Christ'

March 22, 2018Mar 22, 2018

The world of Hollywood cinema is not a place where viewers expect to have encounters with God. However, a new blockbuster film, which hit theaters on March 23rd, is impacting each and every viewer with the true presence of Christ. 

The movie, "Paul, Apostle of Christ" is a complete masterpiece. It is available on Digital June 12, 2018 and on Blu-ray and DVD on June 19, 2018. Recently, Faith Family America was invited to attend the red carpet screening of the movie in Dallas. The film chronicles the final days of Paul's life from his prison cell. Paul, played by veteran actor James Faulkner, shares his life story with Luke, played by Jim Caviezel.

The film is already having a dramatic effect on the world by bringing people closer to Jesus. The cinematography is so good that even a non-believer would be entertained and amazed at the story and scenes. However, through that amazement, non-believers are coming to experience an amazing encounter with Jesus.

The film is a story of redemption, of suspense, action, adventure, love, hope, and salvation. It is the exact movie needed in Hollywood. We would love to tell you more about the movie, but there is so much we don't want to give anything away!

Recently, Jim Caviezel opened up about the life-changing message inside the film. Many remember Caviezel for his portrayal of Jesus in the movie "The Passion of the Christ."

"The message of hope is throughout the film, it permeates, like the Bible, it permeates your heart and you feel loved when you walk out of the film," Caviezel said recently according to CBN.

Caviezel also talked about the religious persecution seen in the film. He says it is still present today, even if we don't realize it.

"I had some friends in the Special Forces who brought me pictures of crucifixions last year on Chaldeans and Syrians – Christians – Coptic Christians that are literally dying for their faith," he explained.

When Faith Family America had a chance to catch up with Jim Caviezel at the red carpet event in Dallas, Jim was very open about how this role has meant a lot to him. He discussed the somber connection he has to Luke and Paul's mentor-mentee relationship and also explained how he stands firm in his faith while working Hollywood.

Watch Faith Family America's exclusive interview in the video below:


We strongly encourage you to go see this movie. By telling everyone you know about the film, and financially supporting it yourself, more films like this can be made and more people can come to know Christ. Please also join us in praying for the cast and crew responsible for this amazing production. Through movies like "Paul, Apostle of Christ", countless people are experiencing Jesus.

Let us know your thoughts about the film! Also, best sure to read more about it in our other article here.

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