Jim Carrey's Gruesome Tweet Accidentally Proves Pro-Life Argument

May 20, 2019May 20, 2019

Wow. And we thought Jim Carrey had professed to be a Christian? This tweet (and some other things) might call that into question.

After Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed the nation's most stringent abortion law, celebrities and pro-choicers were furious. The law makes almost all cases of abortion a felony for the performing doctors in the state. Ivey's goal was to both showcase Alabama's belief in the sanctity of life and also to eventually challenge Roe v. Wade on the United States Supreme Court level.

A number of celebrities and liberal voices shared their extreme dismay with the new law, but none have been quite as gruesome and hateful as Jim Carrey. He shared on Twitter his own artwork, drawing intense reactions.

Showing a picture of Governor Kay Ivey being aborted as a fully-formed fetus, Carrey wrote: "I think If (sic) you're going to terminate a pregnancy, it should be done sometime before the fetus becomes Governor of Alabama."

People were stunned with his gory drawing, so flagrantly shared. But at the same time, many pro-lifers pointed out that Carrey's gruesome portrayal showcased the true homicidal nature of abortion.

"Thank you for the truly accurate (and therefore horrifying) portrayal of abortion... sucking out the brains of a PERSON because that person is inconvenient to you. You blessed the pro-life movement with this," Liz Wheeler, OANN host, tweeted.

Similarly, conservative voice Ben Shapiro pointed out Carrey's oversight: "This is a pretty great depiction of an abortion: clinically accurate, and wiping out an individual human life."

Senator Ted Cruz did not note the unintended positive side of Carrey's tweet, instead just calling it for what it was: "vicious" and "angry."

What do you think of Carrey's disturbing tweet and pro-lifers' reactions? Share your thoughts in the comments! Thank you!

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