Jim Jones Wants To Do a Verzuz With Jadakiss: “I Don’t Like How [Jadakiss] Did That! I Want Total Smoke With Him”


Jim Jones Wants To Do a Verzuz With Jadakiss: “I Don’t Like How [Jadakiss]Did That! I Want Total Smoke With Him”


Is it? Jim JonesAre you looking for redemption?

After the incredible moment that wasThe LOXAnd Dipset Verzuz battle, Jim Jones45-year-old Judith calls for a one on one Verzuz battle against Jadakiss., 46.

On August 3, 2021 legendary New York rap bands will be performing. The LOXAnd DipsetIn front of a packed crowd at Madison Square Garden, they fought. In a head-to-head battle, the groups played their biggest hits, one after the other, to see which rap group’s music made the most significant/longest lasting impact.

The chaos VerzuzThe atmosphere was filled with name-calling and skipping turns, as well as yelling. The very “New York” VerzuzThe people who watched were entertained The LOXThey performed as if there was something to prove.

The VerzuzIt was over The LOX They have proven themselves to be able and able to win over a large crowd. DipsetThis, still talked about battle, was lost.

It seems as though it were. Dipset’s Jim JonesHe calls it “not over that loss” The LOX’s Jadakiss for a solo battle.

In an interview with HipHopDX, Jim JonesWhen asked about the famous battle he said that he had recalled it as:

“… a dope event overall, and it’s something I don’t think the city will ever get to witness unless we happen to do a rematch or something like that.”

When asked about his interest in joining the army, he said that he would. VerzuzOn the stage, he replied:

“I would want to have a Verzuz with Jada. Solo… He has to deal with me on my terms. He should be prepared. When it comes to a top three, I don’t really have a list. I just got real smoke with Jada.”

Jim JonesAlso, he joked about his loss The LOXHe claims he wants to smoke with him. Jadakiss.

“I don’t like how [Jadakiss]Did that! I want to smoke with him. Anyone else is welcome. If the setting is New York, I feel like a total sexy jerk. I got some New York shit. The city. I got that.”

JadakissHas yet to respond to the request for battle by Jim Jones, but we’re sure that would be, yet another, battle worth watching from the two.


Would you like a Jim Jones vs. Jadakiss single battle? Leave a comment below.