Jim Jones Reflects On Saving His Photographers Life By Giving CPR, Says He Learned At 12 Years Old Due To His Sisters Heart Condition

Jim Jones

Jim Jones Reflects on Saving His Photographers Lives Through CPR. Jim Jones explains that he learned CPR at 12 years old due to his sisters heart condition

Jim JonesHe is encouraging his fans to learn CPR! In a recent interview, he encouraged his fans to learn CPR! The Breakfast Club, New York rapper Reflections on a time he had to give his photographer/friend Jerry “Flee Flicks” FleteHe learned CPR to save his life. He revealed that he learned CPR as a young child at 12 years of age.

“My sister has a rare heart condition.. She’s a miracle baby, they didn’t expect her to last at all. She’s 30- something years-old now, she’s my miracle woman and superwoman. My whole family had to learn CPR just in case.”

Jim Jones goes on to explain that CPR isn’t that hard and remembers the training from a young age.

“It’s really not that hard, it’s like riding a bike. It’s real simple. Once you know it, it’s not like rocket science.”

He laughed about the incident and said he didn’t have to give his friend any mouth to mouth.

“No, I did not have to give mouth to mouth resuscitation…No mouth involved..He might not have made it if I had to give him mouth to mouth.”

He ends by saying he’s thankful they can laugh about it now and encouraged his followers to learn CPR.

“God Bless, we can joke about this, man. I urge everyone to learn CPR. It’s a quick course, just a couple hours to get certified. It’s something that will last a lifetime. You never know where you might be at to where you could lend a helping hand.”

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