Jill Stein Hit With Another Blow: Ouch!

December 12, 2016Dec 12, 2016

Failed presidential Green Party candidate Jill Stein has gained her greatest national attention in this election season by challenging President-Elect Donald Trump’s wins in three states and heading recount efforts to change the results, but once again her efforts are being thwarted and officially labeled as ridiculous.

According to Fox News, Stein’s recount in Pennsylvania has been stymied by a federal judge who denied her request to go through all the paper ballots.

Judge Paul Diamond showed numerous reasons for stopping the recount and said that the allegation of hacking “borders on ridiculous.”

Stein headed recounts in two other states where Trump had narrow victories. Last week, another federal judge halted the recount in Michigan. The recount in Wisconsin has just been completed and did not change a significant number of vote in Hillary Clinton’s favor.

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