TODAY Show Star Engaged After 2 Years of Dating, Shares Photos from Sweet Proposal

May 28, 2019May 28, 2019

TODAY lifestyle contributor Jill Martin is engaged. Her boyfriend, Erik, popped the question last week while they were in the Hamptons.

Martin showed announced the news on her Instagram. She also shared some adorable photos from the event.

"(Erik) told me we were going to a friends house for a casual kick-off to summer party ... (he even sent me a paperless post with the fake invite). I kinda knew something was fishy but couldn’t put my finger on it!" Martin, 43, told TODAY in an email.

Once she got there, she realized that this wasn't just a party. They walked to a tent on the beach that was filled with romantic photos.

"When I looked in the tent there were pics of us from the last year and 8 months framed everywhere ... candles ... flowers ... all our favorite songs on a playlist," Martin shared.

Then Erik proposed to Jill. She said she burst into tears of joy.

"It took me a few mins to say yes — he actually said 'Is the answer 'yes'?' as I hadn't responded! I said of course!!! Yes!!" she recalled.

After that, all of their loved ones joined them to celebrate. She called it the best day of her life.

"He had my parents walk into the tent and his parents surprised me and flew in from Florida! His 3 kids, his sister and the rest of the family came the next day for the weekend. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!" Martin said.

She continued, "(We) haven't even thought about a wedding date yet — just so happy to know I will be spending the rest of my life with him. He is my real life prince charming. I couldn't have created a better storybook ending."

The couple met through a dating app in the fall of 2017. After three weeks, she met Erik, who she calls "the love of my life."

"Erik is kind, honest, funny and puts family first: he has three beautiful children whom I adore," gushed Jill. "He is my real life prince charming. I couldn't have created a better storybook ending,"

Congratulations to the couple!