Jill Cummins Reveals The One Thing She Knew That Could Have Stopped The Kidnapping Of Elizabeth Thomas

May 05, 2017May 05, 2017

Many different people have a lot of regrets when it comes to this kidnapping case of Elizabeth Thomas and Tad Cummins. 

Family members on both sides feel they could have done a lot of things differently in order to stop Cummins and Thomas from eluding the police for over a month as they ran across the country.

Now, in a shocking interview with Inside Edition, Jill Cummins reveals the one thing she knew before the kidnapping that could possibly have prevented it all.

"He was getting really close to her," Jill said. "A father-daughter close, a friendship close, and I knew that. I discussed that with him. And explained to him, 'She's your student, you can't be so close to her.'"

Jill also opened up about feeling betrayed by Elizabeth and said how the couple had been helping Elizabeth through some tough times.

In another recent interview with Inside Edition, Jill admitted her husband exploited and brainwashed Elizabeth. Jill also said she felt betrayed by the teenager for getting romantically involved with her husband. Elizabeth visited the couple several times and they were helping the teen through some tough times and thought of her as another daughter, Jill said.

"Never did I think there was a romantic thing between the two of them. There were no signs of that," said Jill.

Do you think Jill should have stopped the relationship when she knew it was becoming "close" or not? Did she have an obligation as an adult, and as a wife, to keep it from becoming too personal?

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