JFK Files Officially Released, Reveals Shocking Details

October 27, 2017Oct 27, 2017

President Donald Trump announced October 21st that he would indeed be allowing the release of classified information—the “secret” JFK files, which contain never before seen information regarding the former president’s assassination. Earlier this year, it was revealed that Trump had until the October 26th date to intervene before the files were indefinitely closed to the public.

Trump previously stated, “Subject to the receipt of further information, I will be allowing, as President, the long-blocked and classified JFK FILES to be opened.”

The American People were pleased with the decision, hoping to learn more facts about what actually happened to Kennedy. However, CNN reported that certain documents inside the files were blocked temporarily by Trump due to security concerns.

According to Fox, one CIA document revealed that Lee Harvey Oswald visited the Soviet embassy in Mexico City 2 months before Kennedy’s assassination and met with a senior agent from the “assassination department.” The FBI was reportedly aware of the meeting shortly after it happened.

After Oswald killed ex-president Kennedy, he was murdered by Jack Ruby, who “had ties to the mob,” according to NPR. Ruby was convicted and died in prison as the result of an illness.

NPR also stated that the documents say the FBI knew Oswald was in danger. Dallas FBI office received a phone call from a man saying, "he was a member of a committee organized to kill Oswald," and proper protection was not provided. Ruby denied making that call.

Another document revealed that an anonymous caller phoned a British news source 25 minutes prior to Kennedy’s assassination. The caller told the reporter to call the American embassy in London for “big news.”

Once the other documents are released, hopefully, more information will be revealed to answer questions about Oswald’s motives and if he actually acted alone, despite conspiracy theories about Russian ties. The now blocked documents are expected to be released to the public no later than April of 2018.

Watch the Fox News Alert video below for more information.


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