JFK Files Link Martin Luther King Jr. to Multiple Affairs

November 04, 2017Nov 04, 2017

A dossier released on Martin Luther King Jr. claims that the prominent civil rights leader may have had multiple affairs. The documents were among those included in the JFK files released recently by the National Archives.

Among the alleged affairs by King Jr. was with folk singer Joan Baez, The New York Daily News reported. The report also alleges that King may have had an affair with the wife of a prominent black dentist, in which he fathered a baby girl.

The source who informed an agent of the affair was a relative of King’s paramour and had known Dr. King since 1960. The source also accused him of having affairs with three other women, including Baez.

The report delved deeper into King’s life, asserting that he had a proclivity for orgies, some of them taking place at workshops where he was training young men in urban leadership, reported The Washington Examiner

In February 1968, a minister who had attended a Miami conference “expressed his disgust with the behind-the-scene drinking, fornication, and homosexuality that went on,” the report said.

“Throughout the ensuing years and until this date King has continued to carry on his sexual aberrations secretly while holding himself out to the public view as a moral leader of religious conviction,” the report said.

Of the child whom King may have fathered out of wedlock, the facial features of the child resembled King, the report said.

“The child resembles King to a great degree and King contributes to the support of this child. He calls this woman every Wednesday and frequently meets her in various cities throughout the country,” the report said, via a “very responsible Los Angeles individual in a position to know.”

History professor Clayborne Carson, director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute at Stanford University responded to the report by blaming Hoover for an attempted smear campaign.

“When we look closely at this, what we see is that there is a person who is trying his best to damage Martin Luther King’s reputation,” Carson told CNN

The report, which was dated March 12, 1968, just weeks before King was assassinated on April 4, 1968, also includes a letter sent to King from the FBI urging him to commit suicide.

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