JetBlue Gives Their Side of the Story After Family, Sobbing Boy Kicked Off Flight

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May 15, 2017May 15, 2017

A family of four boarded a JetBlue flight in New Jersey earlier this month for a surprise birthday trip to Las Vegas, but one item they brought onboard got them in big trouble.

According to ABC 7 New York, Cameron and Minta Burke carried a birthday cake with them onboard the May 3 flight and put it in an overhead bin to keep it safe.

Cameron said a flight attendant then asked him to put the cake under the seat in front of him instead, which he says he did.

But then he said a second flight attendant showed up and seemed upset with the first flight attendant about the initial placement of the cake.

That’s when Cameron said he approached them and assured them that everything was fine now.

Cameron then said he was accused by the second flight attendant, who seemed to be acting erratically, for being non-compliant and told to back off.

That’s when Cameron accused her of being drunk.

It’s unclear what happened next, but JFK Airport police were brought onboard.

That’s when Cameron pulled out his smartphone and began recording...STORY CONTINUES ON NEXT PAGE.

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