Jessie James Decker Had a ‘Breakdown’ During ‘DWTS’ Week 2

Missing her babies. Jessie James DeckerOpenly discussed the challenges of balancing mom and competing on Dancing With the Stars.

“This week was really hard and I kind of had a breakdown a little bit,” the 34-year-old songwriter told Us WeeklyMonday, September 26, 2006. “It’s hard balancing both because being a mom is first priority to me. And so, I think around day four, I really was just struggling cause I’m never … away from them that long. But Alan [Bersten] helped me power through.”

The country singer’s 4-year-old son Forrest made an appearance on Monday’s episode of DTWS, showing his mom how to strike a pose like the King of Rock n’ Roll for Elvis Night. He watched Decker and Bersten, 28, perform their Foxtrot to “Trouble” from the audience. The “Should Have Known Better” singer told Use that it “meant everything” to have her son cheering her on. “He’s just proud of mommy and he’s such a big Elvis fan, so tonight meant so much to him,” she said.

Jessie James Decker
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The “Almost Over You” musician shares three children with NFL wide receiver Eric DeckerShe married Eric, 7 and Vivianne 8, in 2013. She revealed to Use that her youngest son’s obsession with the “Hound Dog” singer began when she took him to see the recent Baz Luhrmann biopic.

“That was it. We went home and downloaded all the music. He wanted the costumes, he wanted posters, and he wanted the guitar. Now he’s in guitar lessons, piano lessons. He loves Elvis like he loves him. It’s in his heart,” she said.

Decker and her partner in dance beat their week one score of five points during their second performance, despite the difficulties of missing her family while competing in the Disney+ reality competition series.

Jessie James Decker Had a Breakdown During DWTS Week 2 Dancing With The Stars Alan Bersten

Alan Bersten and Jessie James Decker
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“I feel like we worked for it this week. We did our best. I mean, we tried to perfect it as much as possible because I know I have a lot of improvement to make,” the “Wanted” singer said. “Again, I’m not a dancer, so I don’t know what I’m doing right versus what I’m doing wrong. I just know that I love to perform. But having Alan really helped me.”

Bersten, for his part, agreed that Decker “really applied herself” preparing for Elvis Night and the result was “exponential growth.” The duo told Use that they have some tricks up their sleeve for next week’s James Bond theme.

“We have something really cool lined up and I’m looking forward to learning,” the singer-songwriter teased.

Dancing With the StarsOn Mondays at 8 PM, Disney+ airs the show. ET.

Christina Garibaldi reporting