Jessica Simpson Doesn’t Want a 4th Baby After ‘Hard’ Pregnancy

Jessica SimpsonWhen it comes to children, she is set! Three years after her youngest daughter birth, the actress has decided that she doesn’t want any more kids with her husband, Eric Johnson.

“I have no baby fever,” the Dukes of HazzardExclusively told by star, 41 Us Weeklyon Thursday, April 14th while promoting her Flonase partner. “The third pregnancy for me [in 2019]That was it. I can’t do that again. The last pregnancy for me was really hard.”

The Texas native, who is also the mother of daughter Maxwell, 9, son Ace, 8, and daughter Birdie, 3, explained that having a child “later in life” was “a lot harder” than her previous two pregnancies in 2012 and 2013.

“It’s just something that you end up accepting,” the Newlyweds alum told Use. “I got a great child out of it who I adore and love and she rules the house. She definitely is the most heard in the family.”

The former reality star has previously spoken Ellen DeGeneresIn 2017, she was content with her four-member family.

Jessica Simpson.

“We got an IUD,” the Employee of the monthstar said that at the time. “Nothing’s going to get in that uterus. Thank god I have two beautiful children and I’m not having a third.”

When Simpson announced her pregnancy news the following year, she wrote via Instagram: “SURPRISE.”

The Open BookAuthor noted Use that she recorded songs while pregnant with her youngest child — and now all three of her kids “love being in the recording studio” in their California home.

“Max and Ace will go down there and listen to me do vocals and then they get to do it themselves and put all this tunny autotune on and record themselves,” Simpson gushed to UseThursday “It’s very cute. They know my songs more than I do. I love that.”

She then revealed that one of her little ones’ favorite songs of hers is “Particles,” which she released last year.

“When I was like, ‘I’m releasing “Particles,”’ they were like, ‘What do you mean? We’ve listened to it for, like, three months. Nobody’s heard that yet?’” she recalled.

Maxwell, Ace and Birdie all “suffer from allergies big time,” Simpson went on to tell Use. “So partnering with Flonase was so easy and so natural for me because we’ve already used the product.”

The businesswoman noted that she, however, didn’t suffer from allergies until she was pregnant with Maxwell.

“I was on tour, like, constantly touring, always on the road,” Simpson said. “So once I, like, settled in to live a normal life, then the allergies hit. So it’s definitely one of those invisible monsters that we all have to tackle every day.”

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