Jesse Williams’ ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Salary Revealed

Jesse Williams’ Greys Anatomy salary has been revealed in the course of his long custody and child support battles with Aryn Drake Lee.

Williams was ordered by Aryn to pay $40,000 per month in child support, but he claims he cannot afford it since he is no longer working on the show. Aryn believes he should still pay the child support due to his decision to leave the show.

“I am asking the Court to reduce the child support to an affordable amount, given the significant decrease in my income as well as the fluctuating nature of mine income,” he wrote in documents obtained by HollywoodLife. “The child support of $40,000 a month ($480,000 a year) which began October 1, 2019 was based almost entirely in my ‘Grey’s’ episodic fee, which was my primary source income at that time.”