America's First Female Astronaut Candidate Dies, Thousands Remembering Her Legacy

April 18, 2019Apr 18, 2019

On Thursday, the sad news was confirmed that a pioneering astronaut passed away. Pilot Jerrie Cobb, America’s first female astronaut candidate, died at the age of 88.

According to reports, Cobb died on March 18 after a short illness. A family spokesman spoke out about the tragedy exactly a month later.

Jerrie Cobb was the first American female to pass astronaut testing in 1961.

“Altogether, 13 women passed the arduous physical testing and became known as the Mercury 13. But NASA already had its Mercury 7 astronauts, all jet test pilots and all military men,” Island Packet reported.

In 1962, Cobb gave a testimony before a Congressional panel after the Mercury 13 were unable to reach space.

She said, “We seek, only, a place in our nation’s space future without discrimination.”

NASA eventually made Cobb a consultant of the space program. However, after only a week, she was dismissed. According to reports, she had said, “I’m the most unconsulted consultant in any government agency.”

Rather than Cobb making it to space and making history in that way, the Soviet Union sent the first woman ever to space in 1963. NASA did not send a female into space until 1983.

Ellen Stofan, the director of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum, wrote, “She should have gone to space, but turned her life into one of service with grace.”

Laura Ohrenberg from the Ninety-Nines Inc. wrote, “Jerrie Cobb served as an inspiration to many of our members in her record breaking, her desire to go into space, and just to prove that women could do what men could do.”

At age 67, Cobb said, “I would give my life to fly in space, I really would. It’s hard for me to talk about it, but I would. I would then, and I will now.”

Please be praying for Cobb's family during this time. Share your prayers here! In other recent news, an actor was just shot dead while in Scotland. Please keep his family in your prayers as well.

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