Jennifer Garner's New Love Interest Comes with Warning Label from Current Wife

October 28, 2018Oct 28, 2018

It's not quite a love triangle, or even a square (since both parties are still legally married): but Jennifer Garner's new love interest does come with a warning label from his wife, professional violinist Caroline Campbell.

John Miller, who Garner has been quietly seeing for up to six months say sources, is still legally married to Campbell, with whom he shares two children: a 12-year-old son and a 9-year-old daughter. Campbell is a highly accomplished violinist who has performed duets with Andrea Bocelli, Sting, Michael Bublé and Chris Botti.

US Weekly details their relationship history: "Miller, 40, and Campbell, 38, married in April 2005. He filed for divorce from the violinist in June 2011, but they reconciled the following February. The pair filed divorce papers again in October 2014."

But they have yet to sign them, as is the similar case with Garner and Ben Affleck. Affleck has been getting help with his alcohol addiction in a rehab center that Garner helped take him to, so signing divorce papers has been on hold.

But while Garner waits to finalize her divorce, the mother of three has been dipping her toe back in the dating world again after a long hiatus. The devoted mom has been wary of dating another celebrity, so friends set her up with Campbell, a very successful businessman.

Campbell, a highly trained Stanford lawyer, is a notable figure in the tech world, developing robotic technology and facial recognition for restaurants. He is the founder and CEO of Cali Group, who started CaliBurger, a restaurant that features "Flippy," a robot that flips burgers alongside staff.

Campbell is known in the tech world as extremely smart and driven. But soon-to-be-ex Miller (the judge is set to finalize their divorce papers soon) says there is a darker side to his sharp intellect. In a 2016 document, Miller cited “major differences in our personalities, communication styles and approaches toward conflict resolution.”

She continued, “John was the national debate top prizewinner in college and graduated in the top 10 percent of his Stanford Law School class in 2003. He thrives on fast paces, vigorous argument and competition. In contrast, I am a freelance musician and am verse to conflict. I rely on emotional connections and avoid verbal confrontations. Because of these differences, resolving conflicts in a fair and amicable way has been challenging at best.”

Miller continued by saying that Campbell “is accustomed to being the CEO of companies he starts” and therefore “feels satisfaction from controlling me and making me pay the price for ending the marriage.”

Many would read this statement as code for Campbell being angry, controlling, and argumentative; but time will tell in his relationship with Garner, who has seen her fair share of heartache.

Garner's friends are definitely rooting for her happiness, shares a source from Entertainment Online: "Her closest friends are in full support of Jen moving on and finding someone special to spend her life with," the source said. "She truly deserves the very best. After everything Jen's been through, her friends and family are rooting for her to move on and live her life without Ben, and finally she seems 100 percent on board."

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