Jennifer Lopez Allegedly Fed Up With Ben Affleck’s Smoking, Anonymous Source Says

Are You Jennifer Lopez Ben AffleckFighting for bad habits? One report says Jolie is fed up with Affleck’s smoking. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Ben Is Smokin’!’

According to the National EnquirerLopez is furious at Affleck’s smoking habits. “There have been other women in Ben’s life who wanted him to put down the cigarettes,” an insider says, “but Ben’s been a smoker all his life and it’s not easy to give that up.” Not even Jennifer Garner could get him to stop.

Rehab helped Affleck with alcoholism, but he’s had no luck ditching cigarettes. He’s under a lot of pressure between Lopez, his career, and the children. “Jen’s very conscious about diet, exercise, and getting enough sleep, and she’s never smoked or consumed alcohol,” an insider says. Lopez is Affleck’s priority, and Affleck isn’t asking too much.

What’s Going On With Ben Affleck?

Jennifer Lopez can be described as a teetotaler. However, she has had alcohol before. She’s happy to toast with it, but fears the effects it can have on her skin. Lopez has actually smoked cigarettes in the past. She’s dabbled with real ones for films like Hustlers, and it’s not hard to find photos and videos of her smoking.

Lopez is famous for staying healthy, but it’s not like she begrudges others for their choices. She’s taken to meditating during Affleck’s breaks. She doesn’t seem to care. Remember that Lopez and Affleck were engaged during the Gigli days, so she understands what she’s getting herself into habit-wise. If she didn’t mind in 2003, then why would she mind now?

This is just a new twist on a classic story. Gossip Cop has seen many times: Affleck isn’t fit enough for Lopez. Tabloids would have you believe Lopez is disgusted by Affleck’s habits and body, but that’s clearly not true. They’ve packed on the PDA for months, so the attraction must be there.

Other Bogus Stories

Cigarettes can be used as a follow-up for earlier cigarettes EnquireStory about Lopez putting Affleck through a terrible strict routine. It’s run this narrative more than once, yet it has no hard evidence to back its story.Gossip CopLopez debunks these tall stories because Lopez respects Affleck and not because Lopez needs to control her child. 

The tabloid has no insight into Lopez’s personal life. How can we find out this? It was claimed that Lopez had planned to stay single when she reconnected with Affleck. It was embarrassing. Lopez is happy to have Affleck as a friend, despite the fact that he may smoke.

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