Jennifer Garner Sparks Engagement Rumors With Ring On ‘That’ Finger

Is it? Jennifer Garner engaged? In an Instagram video, she was seen wearing a diamond engagement ring. That finger, so some reputable sources are speculating that she’s ready for marriage. Gossip Cop investigates.

John Miller is engaged to you

According to Page SixGarner is igniting the flames of engagement rumors. She posted an Instagram video this week that discussed sobriety among her peers 13 Going On 30Judy Greer stars. In the video, she’s prominently wearing a ring on her left ring finger.

John Miller, CaliBurger CEO, is her suspected fiancé. They split last year, but reconciled this April. They began dating shortly after Garner divorced Ben Affleck in 2018. It looks like a wedding is in the near future, with the ring on her finger.

Not so fast

It’s true that Garner and Miller are very happy together, and Gossip Cop can’t say for sure that they aren’t engaged. This story is not plausible for a few reasons. The only hard evidence in this story is the ring on Garner’s left hand. The problem is that’s probably not her left hand.

It appears Garner is talking to Greer on Zoom. Zoom calls mirror videos default to make the image appear more natural. This means that her left hand in the video is probably her right. The bracelet on her other wrist is the smoking gun.

Garner has worn a bracelet on her left hand for a long time. Photos show her wearing it all over. This suggests that the photo is mirrored, and she’s not actually wearing an engagement ring.

This is speculation, but the ring is prominently displayed throughout a 25-minute video that has absolutely nothing to do with Garner’s relationships. Page SixGarner acts as if she is trying to inflate rumors by wearing this band, but it appears that she was really just trying to talk to her friend and share her thoughts about living a sober life. It would be a bizarre way to announce a engagement. Greer should not turn an open conversation into an open rumor showcase.

We also know Garner went trick or treatingLast week with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. If Garner and Miller are engaged, or even close to it, then shouldn’t Miller have been there? His absence at a moment when Garner is trying merge her family is telling.

Rumours abound

This site isn’t the only one selling Garner engagement rumors. Not so long ago Us WeeklyThe story featured Garner and Miller’s engagement. Garner and Miller are engaged? There will be a formal announcement.

Gossip CopRings are popping up all the time. After being spotted wearing a ring, Harry Styles was allegedly engaged Olivia Wilde. Jennifer Aniston engaged Brad Pitt for the same reason. Wearing a ring is a flashpoint for speculation, but it’s not a binding sign of commitment in every case. Since the image is almost certainly flipped in the video in question, there’s no reason to believe Garner is engaged. At least, not yet.