Jennifer Fisher Launches My Scent, Shares Perfume Hacks

Why Jewelry Designer Jennifer Fishers Fragrance Is as Addictive as Her Eponymous Hoops
Courtesy Jennifer Fisher

Heaven scent Jennifer Fisher, the jewelry designer behind Hollywood’s favorite hoops (her styles are worn on the regular by Hailey Bieber, Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Simone Ashley and more stars) just launched her first fragrance — and it’s destined to become as popular as her eponymous bling.

My Scent is a unique blend of pure liquid essential oils. It is packaged in a tiny glass roll on and has sultry-sweet notes of vanilla, sandalwoods, tonka bean and coconut.

While fragrance isn’t the brand’s first pivot — the mom of two leaned into culinary influencing during the pandemic, has created a line of seasoned salts and collaborated with CB2 on a home design collection — it offers a new way to accessorize, albeit a decidedly personal one.

Why Jewelry Designer Jennifer Fishers Fragrance Is as Addictive as Her Eponymous Hoops
Courtesy Jennifer Fisher

Stylish sat down to learn more about the California native and the formula.

Us: Tell Us about the fragrance — why did you choose these notes?

Jennifer Fisher My entire life I’ve always looked for the perfect combination of a vanilla coconut, which brings me back to my childhood living in Santa Barbara. I’ve never been able to find that combination of beach and a sweet that isn’t too sweet. I’ve had to combine three to five scents daily to try to get to where I want to be. My entire life I’ve worn vanilla fragrance so much so that my computer password had vanilla in it. Vanilla has been my favorite scent since High School. Finding a scent that was a combination between a fresh baked cookie and surf wax from the beach is what I’ve always wanted.

Us: Why the roll-on?

JF: I am a busy woman who is always on the move from day to evening. I was never one to throw a spray bottle of perfume into my bag, it doesn’t seem right to me. Because we are all busy, I wanted to create something that can be used anywhere. Whether it’s after work or post workout, it’s in your bag and you can always have My Scent with you.

Us: How do you think fragrance relates to hoops – is it an essential accessory of sorts?

JF: For 17 years, I have been designing jewelry. Everyone needs a fragrance. It was a natural progression of the brand. We’ve gone into lifestyle, expanded into the culinary world, and it felt like an honest direction. I’m trying to really listen to our customer base and there were people that I have met throughout the years that ask what scent I wear. I try to keep my customers in mind and not just what I like. I believe that jewelry and fragrance are very interconnected and something I want my brand to be proud of. We create jewelry that is an extension of personal style, it’s my feeling that our fragrance can do the same thing or even more!

Us: I love the name – My Scent – it’s your signature fragrance. Are you a signature scent lover? What fragrances have been worn at different times in the course of your life?

JF:To be honest, I have been back and forth. I was more fond of floral fragrances in high school. I was once a Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille girl. But, to be honest, it never felt right and I was still mixing multiple scents. I would often find natural coconut scents that I would combine with more commercial scents. It was always a mixture of vanilla and coconut scents that made one that felt right to me.

Why Jewelry Designer Jennifer Fishers Fragrance Is as Addictive as Her Eponymous Hoops
Courtesy Jennifer Fisher

Us: What do you think a woman’s fragrance says about her?

JF: It says everything. Fragrance is more personal than jewelry. Your personal scent is your marker. It is important to be noticed when you enter a room.

Us: How can you make your scent last? Are there any hacks to make it work?

JF: Because My Scent is made from pure liquid essential oils, it’s hydrating, so it lasts. It gives your skin a silky feeling. It’s a powerful, long-lasting scent on the skin but it’s not overpowering. My Scent is best applied to the wrists and neck, as well as the back of the knees.