Jeff Sessions: 3 Reasons All CHRISTIANS Should Support Trump's Nominee For Sec. Of State

January 11, 2017Jan 11, 2017


As with every transition of Presidential power, new names and faces come into the American spotlight. Under President Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry had the duty of serving our nation, both as Secretary of State. However, with Trump set to shake things up in the White House, he has nominated Jeff Sessions to steer our country back toward American values and Christian principles.

Here are three reasons why every Christian should support the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions for Secretary of State:

1: Jeff Sessions has insisted that the First Amendment doctrine of separation of church and state has been too broadly interpreted, according to the New York Times. He declared same-sex marriage an indisputable threat to American culture and once went to court to deny funding for gay student groups. Sessions also said, "It is not disputable that adopting a same-sex marriage culture undermines and weakens marriage."

2: Jeff Sessions is a long time Methodist with a strong Christian faith. He believes that liberal policies and big government have created an unnecessary prohibition of expressions of faith in public spaces. Sessions even said, "The Constitution says we shall not establish a religion — Congress shall not establish a religion. It doesn’t say states couldn’t establish a religion." It is that same faith which drives Sessions in his moral fight to end abortion and overturn Roe V. Wade, something he has vowed to do.

Sessions said he will respect and enforce the current abortion laws (though he doesn't agree with them), but that as soon as he can he will work to end abortion in America.

3: On more than one occasion, Jeff Sessions has used the Bible as his guiding factor in determining decisions. As a man of faith, he trusts in the Lord and makes his decision based on Biblical guidance. When it came to immigration, Sessions saw how rising numbers of illegal immigrants hurt the poor and working class. 

“It’s hammering good and decent people that need to be able to raise a family,” he added about the increasing immigration numbers. “We just need to have a fair system that gives people and equal opportunity to apply.”

“Jesus talked about the poor a lot and we should think about that…in my view, I’ve changed. I’ve supported virtually every trade agreement that’s come forward,” said Sessions.  He has also used his roots in Christianity to defend traditional marriage in America.

Jeff Sessions is a conservative rock that Christians need right now.  He is an outspoken man of faith who will not shy away from letting the world know that America was founded on Christian beliefs.


What do you think about Jeff Sessions now?  Are you willing to support him as our next Secretary of State?

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