Jeep's New Super Bowl Ad Highlights America in an Amazing Way

February 04, 2019Feb 04, 2019

The Super Bowl is known for highlighting some of the best talents on the globe. Each year, two of the top teams compete for the biggest prize of the NFL: the Lombardi Trophy.

During the game, talent and skill are on display for all to see. There is also a musical halftime show that also highlights a famous entertainer. This year, one of the best performances came from the ad that Jeep created.

"Jeep — that automotive symbol of all things good, decent and American — is featuring an advertisement in the run-up to the game with “The Star-Spangled Banner” being played against a variety of visuals," wrote Western Journal.

It's an incredible ad that will leave you mesmerized! Watch it below:

"The ad was produced as part of Jeep’s 'Big Game Commercial Blitz Series' dedicated to the Super Bowl, according to Auto Evolution, but it’s unclear whether it’s going to be taking up one of the commercial slots come game time. AdWeek reported last week that “the company is still mum on their official plans” for the Super Bowl," wrote Western Journal.

The ad was received very well online. Many people commented on how incredible and impactful it was. It was great to see Jeep use the platform to bring the nation together and to also highlight our veterans.

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