Jeb Bush Speaks Out, Reveals How President Trump Treated Him During His Father's Funeral

December 11, 2018Dec 11, 2018

It's no secret that Jeb Bush and President Trump do not always see things eye-to-eye. The two men have even publicly squared off against one another, launching viscous attacks and calling each other out on a public stage.

During the 2016 Presidential debates, Jeb and Donald were ruthless with each other. Due to their heated history together, many people wondered how they would interact during President George H.W. Bush's funeral last week.

Thankfully, it seems the two men have put their differences in the past! Jeb has just spoken out about his experience with President Trump during both the funeral service and the days leading up to the ceremony. He said President Trump was extremely gracious and kind.

"The former Florida governor said Mr. Trump and first lady Melania Trump were 'really gracious' in preparing for Wednesday’s state funeral for his father, who passed away Friday. Mr. Bush said his granddaughters were invited to the White House on Tuesday to catch a glimpse of the Christmas decorations, and that the president 'couldn’t have been nicer' when he called to pay his respects," WSJ reported, according to the Washington Times.

It is truly great to see that the two leaders have put their pride behind them and are moving forward in a respectful way. It was a great display of character from both men and is definitely the way President Bush would have wanted things to go. Please join us in continuing to pray for our nation's leaders!

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