Jeannie Mai Reveals Her Relationship W/ Jeezy Helped Her Realize She Had A Hot Temper + Attributes Changing Her Mind About Having Children To Being In A Trustworthy Relationship 

Jeannie Mai reveals how Jeezy helped her realize she had a hot temper + attributes that changed her mind about having children to being in a trustworthy relationship

Jeannie Mai is addressing the issues in her relationship with Jeezy It has allowed her growth!

As previously reported Jeannie Mai  Jeezy They are currently expecting their first baby together. The TV personality, 42 years old, revealed her pregnancy while hosting The Real Last month.

Notably Jeannie MaiShe was very clear in the past about her desire to not have children. The split with her husband in 2017 is thought to have been due to her stance on the subject. Freddy HarteisWe broke the story on.

This week, Jeannie MaiWe discussed her and Jeezy‘s dynamic with Shan Boodram–a certified sexologist and relationship expert. More specifically, Jeannie Mai opened up about how the “Leave You Alone” rapper has inspired her to change certain aspects of her life. Jeannie Initial revelation:

“I have a really hot temper. Not a lot of people know this, but it’s just something in my family… But I didn’t notice it in myself until I was with Jeezy.”

She then addressed the reason she was able not to control her temper when it related to JeezyBut not with her husband:

“It has to do with the type of relationship you have and the type of respect you have for that person… I didn’t notice that I had a hot temper until I got with Jeezy. Here’s a person who is my equal and I really respect, and when I would spew some of my old habits, he was like ‘Nuh-uh! That’s not flying here.’ And also it would trigger him to come back at me… So through work we learned that we both have certain habits that the everyday person–friends, family, fans–will never see. But to the person who loves us deep enough, you can press that button and boom–the dragon comes out. It’s something we both have, so we had a lot to do. But he never told me to fix my temper–I just saw it and [wanted to change it].”

Jeannie Mai und Jeezy

Later in the interview Jeannie A point resonated with you Shan Boodram It was stated that relationships are an opportunity for self-expansion, and to grow as a person.

“‘When you’re in a relationship, it’s an opportunity for achievement’–that is why I’m in my relationship!”

She then addressed her explicit change of mind about having children.

“I have always worked on growing, healing, and evolving. And when I look at when I didn’t want kids, I was really happy and content with where I was. But I was still trying. Today, let’s just say I didn’t have a child, I’d still see myself as evolved and continuing to–you never become fully evolved! But then something happened and I decided to change my mind. I said ‘You know what, because I’m in a trustworthy relationship and I also am not being so hard on myself anymore and I’ve healed, I changed my mind. I said ‘You know what, I want to be a mom.’ I chose it. I decided to shift my perspective and choose this for myself.”

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