Jeannie Mai Introduces Baby Monaco 5 Months After Her Birth

Jeannie Mai at Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party, Los Angeles, March 27, 2022
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There she is! Five months after giving birth, Jeannie MaiShe gave us a glimpse of her daughter Monaco.

“[This] might be the most exciting episode I’ve had here on Hello Hunnay,” The RealCohost, 43-year-old, teased her cohost during a new episode on Thursday, June 2nd of her YouTube series. “It’s time to share the most amazing, exciting, newest member of the Hello Hunnay family.”

During the video, the new mom showed footage of her little one meeting her family and Mai’s former The Real cohosts. After the montage was complete, the California native brought her little girl to the show.

“I got really scared, guarded and protected. Please excuse the nerves,” Mai, who was joined by her own mother on screen, said before admitting she was “so nervous” to show her child.

Mai, who shares her baby with her husband JeezyIn September 2021,, announced her pregnancy news. “I always said I’d never be a mom,” the Daytime Emmy winner told her cohosts at the time. “I was like, ‘I know exactly what I want. I know exactly what kind of woman I want to be.’ … There’s so many reasons now that are coming to fruition as to why I would have said that then, but I do know that you never say never, and that love can really change you and I’m so thankful to be on a show that’s really helped me to grow and to evolve and to see myself differently that I would have ever imagined seeing myself.”

So Cute See Jeannie Mai Baby Monaco Face 1st Time

Jeannie Mai’s baby Monaco.
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After suffering a miscarriage, Mai gave birth to her child four months later. “I asked God for a life of love and happiness. He sent me my family,” she wrote via Instagram in January. “Baby Jenkins is here.”

The TV host and television personality used social media to share the challenges she faced as a mother after giving birth. “I’ve been so low on energy and creativity since being indoors all day,” she wrote alongside an Instagram video of her going on a walk for the “first exercise since postpartum” in February.

Mai revealed that she felt “more introverted and cautious” of the outside world since her daughter’s arrival. “It’s so weird. … I don’t feel like talking, trusting anyone. I’ve become so overprotective that anything could hurt Monaco or my family. Papa Mai and my brother Dennis came to spend time with me, and there’s nothing like family,” she continued. “Monaco [took her] first walk with Papa Mai, the OG who taught me to love the outdoors.”

The How do I look? alum used the update to remind fellow moms to “keep positive” while spending time with their babies. “When my thoughts roam, I catch myself constantly criticizing how I’m doing this whole mom thing,” the stylist wrote. “Just sharing this as a reminder to be kind to myself because man … this is hard.”

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