Well-Known New Yorker Found Lifeless in Her Home

June 22, 2018Jun 22, 2018

The world has recently been saddened by the deaths of some famous people. It has now been confirmed that Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade both took their own lives.

Sadly, another well-known New Yorker has just committed suicide. According to reports, Jeanine Pepler has died at the age of 50 years old.

"Jeanine Pepler, the publicist who represented novelists Jay McInerney and Candace Bushnell, hanged herself Sunday night in her home in Sag Harbor, LI, taking her life the same way Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain did earlier this month. Sources say she was 50," reported Page Six.

Pepler was originally from Cape Town, South Africa. She had been in the big apple since 1996. She was most well-known fro her work as a publicist to many famous individuals.

Friends said her body was discovered by her boyfriend, artist Steve Miller. “He is just devastated, as are we all,” said one. “She seemed to be doing great. They had a lot of plans for the future," reported Page Six.

Those closest to her were shocked at the news. She had recently beaten cancer and was said to be in good health. Please join us in praying for her family during this difficult time.

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