After Jay Z Disrespects President Trump, He Takes Controversial Stance

October 03, 2017Oct 03, 2017

The National Football League has been in the midst of a major controversy in recent days regarding hundreds of players protesting during the national anthem. Although the protesting began with former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick in 2016 as a way to protest police brutality and racial inequality, the kneeling became another anti-Trump movement, practically overnight.

After President Trump suggested that all professional football players who kneel during the anthem should be fired with a controversial statement, the number of participants to take a knee during the “Star Spangled Banner” drastically increased. In one of his rally speeches to Trump supporters, Trump commented, "Wouldn't you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say 'get that [SOB] off the field right now; he's fired’."

Trump was immediately under fire by the Left, but on the other hand, the majority of Republicans understood his brutally honest remark. Conservatives agree that these players are disrespecting the American flag and those in the U.S. military who put their heart and soul into serving our country.

In addition to NFL players following Kaepernick’s motion of taking a knee during the anthem, others have also shown support for the former quarterback’s movement. Several coaches, national anthem singers, and fans have joined in kneeling or sitting during that time of the game.

Additionally, several celebrities have taken to social media to announce their support for the #TakeAKnee movement including cast members from “Grey’s Anatomy,” actress Olivia Wilde, singer John Legend, author J.K. Rowling, and many others. However, one music star, in particular, showed his support for Kaepernick’s movement in a big way.

Rapper and hip-hop artist Jay Z, the husband of several years to award-winning singer Beyonce, rocked a Kaepernick jersey while he performed on the premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” reported the Washington Post. The jersey had Kaepernick’s number, 7, and read “Colin K” on the back.

This comes shortly after Jay Z denied an invitation to perform during the halftime show of the Super Bowl LII in 2018. The Post also reported that the rapper recently dedicated a song titled “The Story of O.J.” from his new album to Colin Kaepernick while performing a show in New York.

The song, according to Vibe, “touches on being so successful one believes they can separate from their race, which is what many accused former Heisman Trophy winner O.J. Simpson of doing.” The meaning behind the song is consistent with values of the Black Lives Matter movement, which is also the intended meaning behind Kaepernick’s protesting.

Additionally, Jay Z is a well-known Trump critic, even though he previously announced in 2015 that he would endorse Trump's presidential campaign. Both he and his wife ended up supporting Clinton’s campaign and prior to that, were big fans of former president Barack Obama. Recently, Jay Z disrespected President Donald Trump in an interview, calling him unsophisticated and implying that Trump doesn’t deserve his respect.

What do you think about Jay Z showing support for Colin Kaepernick? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. In other news, O.J. Simpson was just released from prison; he’s facing a lot of troubles after becoming a free man.

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