Jayme Closs’ Family Opens Up About Kidnapping, Homecoming in 1st Public Interview: ‘Power of God’

January 14, 2019Jan 14, 2019

The public has recently been celebrating the miraculous return of 13-year-old Jayme Closs. Nearly three months ago, Closs’ parents were found dead in their Wisconsin home, while young Jayme was abducted.

After being held captive for several weeks, Jayme escaped when her kidnapper left the house. She found a woman walking her dog, who helped her contact the authorities.

21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson was finally arrested and charged with the kidnapping of Jayme, and is also facing murder charges against her parents. Patterson reportedly broke into the Closs home by firing a shotgun at the door before shooting and killing Jayme’s mother and father. Although it is known that the suspect was clearly targeting Jayme, several other details remain unclear.

More details are expected to be revealed soon as the investigation continues. Patterson will make his first court appearance on Monday, January 14th.

Prior to Patterson's first court date, a few of Jayme’s family members opened up about the 13-year-old’s kidnapping and miraculous homecoming in their first public interview. Jayme was not present during the media interview.

Two of Jayme’s aunts and one of her cousins described how much of a relief it is to have Jayme back. Although not knowing where she was or what she was going through for 88 days was completely terrifying, they never lost hope that she would return home to them.

"You just want to know, but no, they're saying just let it come out,” her aunt said about Jayme not being ready to talk about what happened to her during captivity. “If she wants to be happy, let her be happy. If she wants to be sad, let her be sad. She wants to be silly, let her be silly. We gotta let her call the shots right now."

"We don't know what she went through. But to survive it and to get out of it, and to beat him at his own game, and to survive and get outta there, I mean – wow!" she added emphasizing how proud everyone was of Jayme's bravery.

Jayme’s dramatic homecoming was a true miracle. In addition to being proud of Jayme for her courage, her family is also grateful for God’s role in bringing Jayme home safely.

"I think there was the power of God behind it. All these people in this whole nation, the prayers that were said," a family member stated.

Watch the full CBS interview below:

Please continue to pray for Jayme and her family as they cope with this difficult situation. Praise God for using Jayme's story for good!

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