Family Updates Public on Jayme Closs 3 Weeks After Her Miraculous Homecoming

February 04, 2019Feb 04, 2019

America has recently been celebrating the miraculous return of Jayme Closs, a 13-year-old girl who was abducted on the same night that her parents were murdered. She was held captive by 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson for 88 long days, as she grieved for her parents and wondered if she would ever get out of there alive.

On the night of the horrific incident, Patterson reportedly broke into the Closs home by firing a shotgun at the door before killing Jayme’s parents. Then, he took Jayme.

It has been reported that Patterson chose Jayme by random. He allegedly did not know Jayme or her family personally before the murder and abduction.

By the grace of God, Jayme escaped when her kidnapper left the house one day. She found a woman who called for help, and Patterson was eventually taken into custody on kidnapping and murder charges.

It has now been three weeks since Jayme returned home. On a Go Fund Me page organized to support Jayme and her new guardian, the family updated the public on the teenager.

“Jayme is doing pretty good!! We love to see her smile and even more, laugh with a few of her close friends. It’s the best feeling ever,” the family said. “We have a long road of healing and recovery as we move forward; small steps.”

One of Jayme’s friends also posted a photo of Jayme expressing her gratitude for Jayme’s homecoming: “And just like that, everyone forgets and goes about their lives. This is why so many missing people aren’t found. Because people don’t care for more than a few minutes. Once it stops trending it stops being important. I thank god everyday Jayme escaped and is safe.”

Please keep praying for Jayme as she continues to heal. May God use her story for good and to glorify Him!

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