After Supporting Clinton in 2016, Music Artist Finally Speaks Out on President Trump

September 22, 2017Sep 22, 2017

Despite many names in Hollywood publicly supporting former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, now President Donald Trump still managed to take the title. Among those Hollywood names supporting Clinton, included hip-hop music artist Jay-Z.

Both Jay-Z and his wife of several years, award-winning singer Beyonce, supported Clinton’s campaign and prior to that, were big fans of former president Barack Obama. However, since Clinton lost the election, Jay-Z has stayed silent.

Earlier this year, Jay-Z refused to answer a reporter’s question about President Trump and hasn’t made any public comments since last year, according to Complex. However, in a recent radio interview, he finally spoke out on President Trump.

Jay-Z stated, "I believe that we are resilient, especially us as black people and especially the culture. We’ve been through so much more than [Trump]. This guy, I’m looking at him like, man, this is a joke, with all—I can’t even say with all due respect—with all disrespect. I just think he’s not a very sophisticated man, especially when it comes to the idea of until everyone is free, no one is free. Period. That’s just a fact.”

He continued, “We are all linked some kind of way. So if you oppress a certain people, everyone is in danger, karmically and in real life...On a spiritual and karmic level, if we’re all children of God, then we’re all brothers and sisters, and at some point, if you’re doing that to your brother, then that can’t last."

Regardless of his beliefs, he did assure that he has hope for our country and holds on to fact that everything happens for a reason.

He revealed, "I believe that everything that happens in life is for your greatest good, and I don’t think that this is happening if we weren’t prepared to handle it. I’m just looking forward to what’s next after that, because usually when things are darkest, then light is on its way. I’m not fearful."

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