JAWS in Real Life: Massive 1,668 Pound Shark Spotted Off Florida Coast

April 18, 2019Apr 18, 2019

The ocean is a marvelous place filled with majesty and wonder. The creatures that live beneath the waves are some of the most fascinating forms of life on the entire planet.

However, not all the creatures are simply beautiful. Some are tremendous predators that have been around for years. Officials have now released some incredible images after a massive shark was spotted!

"A transmitter on the sub-adult shark 'pinged' south of Panama City, Fla., according to OCEARCH, an international great white shark research organization. A 'ping' occurs when a tagged shark’s dorsal fin breaks the surface of the water, transmitting a signal to a satellite, the organization told the Pensacola News Journal," wrote Fox.

The teams as able to identify the shark as a 1,688-pound female great white shark called Miss Costa. While it is not unusual for her Great Whites to swim in the gulf, it is rare to see her so far to the north.

"Miss Costa measured 12-feet 6-inches when she was first tagged by researchers on Sept. 23, 2016, in Nantucket, Mass., OCEARCH said. Researchers estimated the great white could be between 14-15 feet long today," according to reports.

Miss Costa became an immediate sensation online. She is definitely a massive creature! Some compared her to the real life "jaws" creature from the iconic films.

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