Jason Aldean Called Out For ‘Shocking New Look’ Amid Rumors Of Secret Plastic Surgery

It isJason AldeanWhat is the surprise in Aldean’s new look? One tabloid claims Aldean’s new appearance is turning heads. Here’s what we know about Aldean’s apparent transformation.

Jason Aldean’s ‘Confidence Restored’?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer Country singer Jason Aldean reported that he welcomed the new year with a new look. While the musician’s hairline was thinning in old photos, he showed up to a New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago with a full head of hair. “His confidence has been restored just like his hair,” an insider spills. “He knew he had to do something before he lost it all on top.”

Now, Aldean supposedly can’t stop showing off the impressive results. “Jason would wear hats 24/7 because he was self-conscious of his thinning hair, but that only seemed to make it worse,” the tipster divulged. “It had been very thin on top and in the front for years. Suddenly it’s much thicker and more evenly distributed, thanks to the procedure he just had.”

And while Aldean isn’t fessing up to his fans about the operation quite yet, his wife, Brittany Kerr, is reportedly loving his new look. “She thinks he looks so handsome and loves that she can run her fingers through his hair,” the source confirms. “Before, it was like pulling teeth to get him to take off his hat. Now, that’s no longer an issue.”

Jason Aldean Hiding ‘Secret Hair Transplant’?

This report is a little odd. First, Jason Aldean is gorgeous and seems to enjoy his new hairstyle. The magazine is totally on point in noticing that Aldean went hatless on NYE, which is something he doesn’t do often. And it’s obvious that whatever change he made, he feels good about it. We find the article’s level of insight a bit strange.

While there’s nothing wrong with noticing a change in Aldean’s appearance, it’s bizarre to bring his wife into it. We are skeptical that the tabloid is speaking with any Aldean family members. That’s especially apparent since the magazine claims Aldean doesn’t want anyone to know about his alleged hair transplant. If that were true, then why would anyone trusting him run to the tabloid to discuss the procedure? The story just doesn’t check out.

The Tabloid on Celebrities Appearances

It isn’t surprising that the National Enquirer would publish such a poorly veiled critique of a celebrity’s looks. Last year, Leah Remini was criticized by the magazine for being unrecognizable after having gone too far with plastic surgery. The magazine also claimed Lindsay Lohan was planning a long list of cosmetic procedures in advance of her wedding. And more recently, the publication reported Denzel Washington’s face was collapsing from a surgery. Evidently, the Globe is biased when it comes to celebrities’ looks.

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