Jase and Missy's Advice to Anna Duggar

October 08, 2015Oct 08, 2015


Wow. Tricky situation. You have four kids, a famous TV show representing faith, and your husband cheated on you. What do you do?

Jase and Missy Robertson give their advice in a recent interview to ETOnline while talking about their book "Blessed, Blessed...Blessed."

No strangers to the pain of infidelity within the family themselves, Jase and Missy saw Jase's brother Alan cheated on by his wife, Lisa. It was a really hard time in the entire family's life, and Jase really encouraged Alan to "cut her loose." Missy said, "[Alan] had every right to sever that relationship, and God says that you do! You don't have to stay together because of [religion]. But it's been wonderful that [Al and Lisa] have." But Alan chose to stay, and now the whole family is so happy he did.

But the experience did not come without its share of problems. Missy says that Jase had a really hard time trusting her around other men. She writes in their book, "Due in part to Lisa's unfaithfulness to Alan, Jase developed some problems trusting me around other men and had bouts of jealousy that we had to work through for years in our marriage."

So they come from a place of experience when they give Anna Duggar advice. And their advice is twofold: You don't have to stay, but you do have to forgive.  Missy said, "As far as the relationship, that's gotta be her decision whether or not she wants to go on without him. She certainly has that right, because he interrupted their marriage with those affairs, but forgiveness is not really a choice, you know, if you want forgiveness from God."

Missy continued, "It's gonna be hard to stand in front of Jesus on judgment day and say, 'I expect forgiveness, but I'm not gonna forgive. And God teaches against that. He says, 'You must forgive' -- and it's not easy."

No, it's not easy. We can't imagine what Anna is going through, but we pray that God will give her extreme peace and wisdom today. Will you post a prayer for the Anna in the Comments? And let us know what you think of the Robertson's advice! Thank you!