Jane Fonda's Brutal Answer to Megyn Kelly's Question on Plastic Surgery

September 27, 2017Sep 27, 2017

Don't ask Jane Fonda about plastic surgery. That is the moral of this new interview with Megyn Kelly. Kelly recently signed off from Fox to take on a new hosting role on NBC News' Megyn Kelly Today. The big move was largely so Kelly could focus more on family. 

But just because she's out of politics doesn't mean Kelly isn't going to receive some jabs. After asking Fonda (who looks amazing at 79!) about her plastic surgery (she has occasionally commented on it in the past), Fonda shut her down swiftly, reports E Online.

"You've been an example to everyone in how to age beautifully and with strength and unapologetically," Kelly began. "Thank you," Fonda replied.

"You admit you've had work done, which I think is to your credit, but I think you look amazing," Kelly complimented. "Why did you say- I read that you said you felt you're not proud to admit that you've had work done. Why not?"

"We really want to talk about that now?" Fonda responded sharply. "Well, one of the things people think about when they look at you is how amazing you look," Kelly explained in her defense.

"Well, thanks," Fonda said. "Good attitude, good posture, I take care of myself. But let me tell you why I love this movie that we did, Our Souls at Night, rather than plastic surgery."

Apparently, Kelly's question had precedent. In 2015, Fonda said in an interview, "I did have plastic surgery. I'm not proud of the fact that I've had it. But I grew up so defined by my looks. I was taught to think that if I wanted to be loved, I had to be thin and pretty. That leads to a lot of trouble."

What do you think of Fonda's quick shutdown to Kelly? Would you get sick of talking about what procedures you've had done too if you were a celebrity? In other celebrity news, Beyonce's husband, rapper Jay-Z, just went out of his way to majorly bash President Trump.  

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