Jane Fonda Says She’s ‘Not Proud’ of Getting a Facelift: Details

Jane Fonda.
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An honest admission Jane Fonda opened up about her decision to have plastic surgery and why she’s done going under the knife.

In an interview with Vogue, published on Tuesday, August 2 in promotion of her H&M Move campaign, the actress, 84, spoke about aging and wanting “young people to stop being afraid about getting older.”

Fonda shared: “I think that Grace and FrankieGives people hope, especially women. That’s why I always tell people what my age is because I want them to realize it.”

She continued: “Now as those words are coming out of my mouth, what I’m thinking with the second part of my brain is, Yeah, Fonda. You have the money. A trainer is possible to afford. Plastic surgery is affordable. Facials are affordable. You can afford to look young again. This is true. Money does help. ‘Good genes and a lot of money,’ as somebody once said.”

The Oscar winner stated, however, that enhancements may not always be the best option. “I’m thinking we all know a lot of women who are wealthy who’ve had all kinds of facelifts and things like that, and they look terrible,” she told Vogue, revealing she regrets her own procedure.

“I had a facelift and I stopped because I don’t want to look distorted,” the Book ClubStar admitted. “I’m not proud of the fact that I had [one].”

Fonda stated that, while there are no negative aspects to plastic surgery, it can be addictive. “I don’t know if I had to do it over if I would do it. But I did it. I admit it and then I say, OK, you could get addicted. Don’t keep doing it.”

Fonda’s health is a matter of personal preference. Our Souls at Night star explained: “I stay moisturized.”

She added: “I sleep, I move, I stay out of the sun, and I have good friends who make me laugh. Laughter is a good thing to do.”

Getting a facelift isn’t the only regret Fonda has shared over the years.

In 2020, she revealed why she wishes she’d slept with Marvin Gaye when she had the chance.

During an interview with The New York TimesThe Monster-in-LawStar shot down the idea that Che Guevara, an Argentine revolutionary, was the one who got away sexually. “No, I don’t think about him,” she said when Guevara’s name was brought up.

Instead, she pointed to Gaye as her missed opportunity, calling him “a great regret,” adding that “He wanted to and I didn’t.”

The New York native explained that she was married to Tom Hayden (the two were married from 1973 to 1990) at the time and therefore she walked away from the late “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” crooner’s advances.

Fonda was previously married to Roger Vadim between 1965 and 1975. She married Hayden after Hayden. Ted Turner1991. They separated in 2001.

“I was meeting a lot of performers to try to do concerts for Tom and the woman who was helping me do that introduced me to Marvin Gaye,” she recalled.

When it comes to her current love life, the activist said she’s over it. “I don’t have time,” Fonda told the outlet. “I am fully complete with me and my children and my grandchildren and my friends. I don’t want any more romance. I don’t have time for it.”

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