Jamie Chung on Romance With Bryan Greenberg After Welcoming Twins

The 39-year-old actress is well-known for her roles in The Real World San Diego and Lovecraft Countrytook on a whole new part in October 2021 when sheAnd Greenberg welcomed their boys into the world.  

“Oh, gosh. I would say the dream role that I never thought that I would be good at would be a mom.” Chung told Us WeeklyDuring an interview while you promote The Huggies’ Baby Academy for Pups. “I feel like this is the dream role and it’s a dream role that I never thought I really would love this much.”    

Chung joked that she’s discovered yet another “secret talent” in the past year. “I can change a diaper in under five seconds, including the claim. I can change that diaper anywhere,” she laughed.  

Raising children is no easy task, especially when you’ve got double the trouble. Chung said what she finds the biggest challenge is “not losing yourself as a parent.” With all the daily chaos of taking care of young children not “losing your identity, not losing your sanity” is hard sometimes, she added.

Stars with twins

“You have to take care of yourself. You must give yourself the time, the 30 minutes, and the hour to take care of yourself. Because you cannot lose your identity,” she continued. “You will become miserable. You’re giving so much to keep these babies alive and to keep them happy and to keep them entertained and keep them soothed. It’s nonstop quite literally. So, it’s really important. You find that, that moment for yourself.” 

Chung’s relationship with Greenberg has been in the public eye since they started dating in 2012. They still manage to be a couple, even with twins. “We just went on our first date,” Chung gushed. “When his parents were in town and we went to go see a movie and, like, that’s quite luxurious, but even when the kids are napping, we find the time to connect.”   

Chung stressed the importance of making time for each other: “When the kids go down, we find the time to check up on each other, to make sure that he’s doing OK, that I’m doing OK. I feel like therapy helps me a lot to work out all of my issues and it’s something that I don’t wanna pass on to my kids. I think we’re all a constant work in progress. Lot of work in progress.”  

Celebrity Twins Welcomed by Parents

Chung opened up about her partnership with The Huggies’ Baby Academy for Pups while discussing the trials of being new parents. “It was the perfect collaboration,” she said. “Because I have a dog and our No. “Because I have a dog and our No. I wish this was around when we first had our kids because we had to do all the research ourselves.”  

 With the goal to help prepare canines for life with a new baby, Huggies is creating the first-ever Baby Academy for Pups – a pop-up in NYC that offers exclusive experiences that familiarize dogs to all things baby.

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