James Van Der Beek Revealed Photos Of Newborn Son; Those Cheeks!

James Van Der BeekHis wife, Kimberly BrookThe couple welcomed their sixth child, a boy named Jeremiah, last fall. The arrival came after the couple lost two pregnancies in the 17th week, so the latest addition to the couple’s big family brought a lot of joy. Now, just a few months old, little Jeremiah is bringing all of Van Der Beek’s fans a lot of joy with his adorable chubby cheeks.

One Big Happy Family

Six children is a lot for any standard. Van Der Beek clearly is proud of each of them. He regularly shares adorable photos of all his kids on his Instagram page, and while this isn’t the first photo of Jeremiah, it is the first with a clear view of the little tyke’s face, and wow, is he cute!

“Mothers can literally grow a baby inside them, birth them into the world,” the Dawson Creek star wrote before asking, “What can dads do?” He answers the rhetorical question, writing, “We have to work a little differently for it. And I’ve come to regard this as a gift. We get an opportunity to proactively change our behavior – disrupt our precious schedules, desires, and priorities to EARN a magical ability: The capacity to happily put someone else’s needs ahead of our own – with nary a thank you, acknowledgment, or sometimes even a smile.”

Van Der Beek adds a bit of advice on how to do that, as well, saying, “So if your newborn regards you more as ‘Not The Mama’ than ‘Dada’… if you hold them – as I have been a lot lately – while they cry and wail because you’re not who or what they want… allow me to offer up this re-frame: You’re not failing… you’re earning a superpower”

Fans of the CSI CyberStar loved it. “Your baby is adorable,” writes one. “This first pic is absolutely beautiful!!,” another one comments. His fans are taking his fatherly advice to heart, with one person saying, “Your dad perspectives are some of the most inspiring and thoughtful I’ve ever seen. Thank you for this wisdom.” So keep earning those superpowers James, but we’re here for the sweet photos.

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