J.K. Rowling Responds After Her “Fake News” Tweets Against Trump

August 01, 2017Aug 01, 2017

J.K. Rowling, well-known author of the “Harry Potter” series, was under fire over the weekend for spreading false information about the president. After an edited video of Trump appearing to ignore a boy in a wheelchair was released, Rowling went on a rant against President Trump.

However, she should have fact checked before bashing the president on social media. The unedited video clearly shows Trump acknowledging the boy in the wheelchair first, before making his rounds to the rest of his guests.


She tweeted in a series of 8 different posts calling him a “monster” and “narcissistic”, “How stunning, and how horrible, that Trump cannot bring himself to shake the hand of a small boy who only wanted to touch the President. My mother used a wheelchair. I witnessed people uncomfortable around her disability, but if they had a shred of decency they got over it.”

“So, yes, that clip of Trump looking deliberately over a disabled child’s head, ignoring his outstretched hand, has touched me on the raw...That man occupies the most powerful office in the free world and his daily outrages against civilised norms are having a corrosive effect.”


Days later, she finally responded. She did apologize to the family of the young boy, but not to President Trump. Rowling did delete all of her previous tweets containing false information; however, she left up the tweet, which mentions Trump's “daily outrage against civilised norms.”





Prior to Rowling’s apology, Piers Morgan publicly called her out on his Twitter account, referring to her numerous posts as “Fake News.” His other posts targeting her were hysterical. What do you think about J.K. Rowling’s tweets against Trump? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. Thank you!

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