Ivanka Trump Shares Her New Year's Resolution that We Should All Consider

December 27, 2017Dec 27, 2017

Now that Christmas has come and gone, sites are set on a hopeful 2018. And with a new year comes new resolutions. These resolutions can include tangible goals, lifestyle changes, or bucket-list worthy adventures. 

On Wednesday morning, First Daughter and adviser to the president Ivanka Trump shared one of her resolutions. She posted on her Twitter account her resolution, along with an article that shows why she chose it. 

Her resolution? "Sleep more."

Trump linked an article by USA Today that focuses on the benefit of sleeping more and the extreme harm that comes when one does not make it a priority. They started the article by noting that a person can only survive 11 days without sleep, compared to 21 days without food. 

According to the article, Danish scientists tested mice to determine the importance of sleep. They found that as the animals sleep, their brains become smaller and compress. During that time, parts of the brain shut down, which ultimately reduces the amount of swelling in the neurons. 

The scientists noted that our bodies utilize the lymphatic system to get rid of the bad toxins that blood is filled with. However, the lymphatic system does not work in the brain. For decades, scientists believed that our brains did not need a lymphatic system because they were able to somehow reuse byproducts. 

With the Danish scientists' discovery about the shrinking of the brain, however, the mystery surrounding the lack of lymphatic system makes more sense. Reportedly, the cerebrospinal fluid, that is known for protecting our brains from hitting our skulls, acts as a lymphatic system. 

As we sleep and rotate through the five sleep stages, the cerebrospinal fluid flows in and around the brain to take the place of the missing blood. As it does this, it cleans the toxins from the brain. Without a proper amount of sleep, our brains are not given a chance to rid of toxins. 

USA Today also reported that the lack of sleep is linked to chronic fatigue, weight gain, heart disease, Alzheimer's, and several other diseases. Doctors agree that at least seven hours of sleep is necessary per night. They say that even though someone may be able to handle five-six hours, it is not worth it in the long run. 

If Ivanka Trump, one of the busiest people in America, can find time to sleep more, we all should be able to. What do you think about this? Let us know your opinion! In other recent news, Melania Trump was attacked over her silly Christmas photo.

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