Internet Compares Ivanka and Hillary in Similar Outfit, Twitter Agrees Ivanka Wore it Better

August 01, 2018Aug 01, 2018

First Daughter Ivanka Trump often makes national headlines for her classy fashion taste. This summer alone, Ivanka glowed in two gorgeous dresses during two separate outings — a simple, stylish dress while visiting kids at a STEM camp and a “Jackie Kennedy Blue” dress during an interview at the White House.

In addition to her fashionable dresses, Ivanka is well-known for rocking the classy pantsuit. Her most memorable pantsuit outfit to date is the all-white piece she wore to her father’s inauguration.

However, the First Daughter may have just out-did herself with her latest ensemble — a cherry red pantsuit paired with matching pumps. Ivanka stunned in her bright red outfit on Tuesday, July 31st while accompanying President Trump at a rally in Tampa, FL.

According to Yahoo, the outfit was originally sold at $705 by French designer Sandro. The outfit is now on sale for $307.

Following Ivanka’s appearance in Tampa, one Twitter user pointed out that Hillary Clinton once wore a very similar red pantsuit. Liberals previously mocked Ivanka for “stealing” Hillary’s signature style. However, others have flocked to Ivanka’s defense in agreement the First Daughter wears the pantsuit style better.

Who do you think wore the red pantsuit better — Ivanka or Hillary? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments.

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