Ivanka Trump on Washington: 'I'm No Longer Surprised'

February 09, 2018Feb 09, 2018

When Ivanka Trump showed up to Washington, she had a mighty to-do list filled with policies that historically have been championed by the Democratic Party. And this wasn't at all surprising. After all, Ivanka Trump was a form Democratic Party donor and she had vocally expressed a desire for her father to tackle paid family leave, equal pay for women, and affordable childcare. 

While Republicans like Marco Rubio supported many of Ivanka's policy proposals, nationalist-populists were vehemently opposed. Steve Bannon, for instance, claimed that Ivanka Trump was "dumb as a brick," according to Business Insider. He was also critical of Ivanka's supposedly "liberal" list of policy proposals, and along with many on the far-right, worried that she might actually be influencing her father in the White House. 

With the far-right against her, Ivanka Trump thought that she would have the support of Democrats in pushing her agenda forward. After all, she recognized that many of her goals were just recently advocated and campaigned on by President Obama. 

But things weren't so easy for the first daughter after arriving in Washington. According to USA Today, the Democrats decided not to support Ivanka. Instead, they claimed that her proposals didn't go far enough and have largely avoided teaming up with her on anything. As a result, the former businesswoman has turned to moderate Republicans to push forward her agenda.

On the subject of the Democrats not working with her to pass policies that they themselves believed in only two years ago, Ivanka Trump said that she "is no longer surprised." 

“I’m no longer surprised,” Ivanka Trump said. “I think that there are always people that will not move off of their talking points and then there are a lot of people who will. You have to find the people who will; that’s how you build coalitions.”

In the opinion of Ken Orbeck, a supporter of President Trump, it is strange that Ivanka Trump's proposals rejected by so many lawmakers, especially those in the Republican Party who claim to be pro-family, and more especially by Democrats who only two years ago supported the first daughter's agenda. 

“What has destroyed the United States?" he asked. "A loss of our family.”

But many Republicans are glad that the Democrats aren't fully on board, claiming that now is the opportunity for conservative Republicans to reclaim advocacy of pro-family issues.

According to Governor Tim Scott, “I’m not sure why in the world we would allow the Democrats to control family issues, that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever."

USA Today reports that many conservatives, who in the past have not supported these pro-family measures, have found Ivanka Trump's arguments very convincing. 

Republican Mark Meadows, who leads the House Freedom Caucus, reportedly claimed that after multiple meeting with Ivanka on the subject of family issues, he thought she "made a very compelling case." 

Consequently, many pro-family Republicans have teamed up with Ivanka to push forward these legislative goals historically championed by Democrats. 

Politico reports that Marco Rubio, a Roman Catholic, and Ivanka Trump, an Orthodox Jew, recently teamed up to strategize a means to win over a skeptical Republican base on the issue of paid family leave. They hope to capitalize on Trump's endorsement of the idea in his State of the Union address. 

"We still have to work on members of my own party,” Rubio said to Politico. “I think there will be significant initial resistance to it because it’s just not an issue that’s been identified with the Republican Party.”

Marco Rubio and Ivanka Trump envision an approach to paid family leave that has recently gained appeal in Republican circles. This idea involves permitting people to draw Social Security benefits when they want to take time off for a new baby or other family-related matter.

Many pro-life Senators, too, are on board with this proposal, including Senator Mike Lee from Utah. Lee is also a close ally of Rubio, with whom he lobbied for expanding the child tax credit, also an effort backed by Ivanka. In this regard, Rubio has advocated what he calls a "pro-family" policy platform that promotes a softer side to conservatism — one that advocates for both limited government and policies that promote strong families.

Currently, the United States doesn't have paid family leave, which would aid parents in caring for a newborn or adopted child. The Trump administration in the past has requested six weeks of paid family leave. As of now, the United States is the only industrialized country that doesn't have mandatory family leave policy.

In recent news, the Trump administration is following through on an important pro-life promise

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