Ivanka Trump Facing Cruel, Heated Criticism for Recent Outfit Choices

December 05, 2017Dec 05, 2017

Recently, Ivanka Trump took a trip to India to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Hyderabad. The first daughter was attending the summit to discuss women in entrepreneurship and innovations through development and skills training. 

While the purpose of the trip was to talk about business and developing economies, the focus that the press had was on something much more frivolous. Several publications decided to bash Ivanka's fashion choices while in India. 

The core issue that Ivanka was being accused of was cultural appropriation. Ivanka chose to wear outfits that resembled traditional Indian attire, however, most of her dresses were created by Western designers. 

Reporters claimed that if the first daughter truly wanted to blend in with and fully respect the culture, she should have worn dresses or saris that she purchased in the country. Several articles called Trump out for her "cheap imitation."

Senior editor of "Vogue India", Bandana Tewari, said, "If Ivanka's clothes are to be an acknowledgment of an ancient and rich culture like ours, especially as she arrives as a dignitary, then the sartorial 'tribute' should be authentic in its intention."

"We would rather see her wear a hand-woven sari made in our country or a handmade gown made in her own country," she said. "But to hybridize the two, in an era of unfiltered diversity, is a superfluous nod to half-acceptance."

Vanessa Friedman, "The New York Times" chief fashion critic, said, "Instead of wearing work by a designer that spoke to the nuances of the country...Ms. Trump opted, at least initially, for the most obvious: clothes by outsiders who dipped into their fantasies of India as opposed to its reality."

While many people have accused Trump of participating in cultural appropriation, many other Indian fashion critics have praised her efforts to respect the culture. They have said that she made an effort to be more traditional and modest during her time there. 

"The Times of India" wrote, "Dressed to the nines, the businesswoman impressed one and all with a lovely mix of dresses by western and Indian designers."

What do you think? Do you agree with the critics or with those who thought Ivanka's outfits were appropriate? Let us know your opinion on Facebook. In other news, Roy Moore just fired back at Mitt Romney with an epic response.

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