Ivanka Trump Faces OUTRAGEOUS Lawsuit!

March 21, 2017Mar 21, 2017

First Daughter Ivanka Trump is currently facing a lawsuit regarding her fashion line.

Modern Appeal Clothing, a fashion retailer in California, filed a class-action lawsuit against the Ivanka Trump brand declaring the brand has an ‘unfair advantage’ because of her father’s presidency and the attention it’s bringing to her line.

MAC, among other local retailers, hope to place a restraining order against the Ivanka Trump brand in California as well as obtain ‘unspecified damages’.

This will be the second lawsuit against the Trump family due to ‘unfair competition’.

Earlier in 2017, Cork Wine Bar in Washington D.C. sued President Donald Trump claiming the Trump Hotel brought ‘unfair competition’ and is causing the wine bar to lose business.

What do you think about businesses suing the Trump family over ‘unfair competition’?

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