Ivanka Trump Criticized for Proudly Sharing Her Faith

May 22, 2017May 22, 2017

First Daughter Ivanka Trump joined her father, President Donald J. Trump, on his first visit abroad as President of the United States. The trip started in Saudi Arabia, then the family visited Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and has been well-known as a holy place of worship for Jews and Christians. One of the most famous and popular places of worship is The Western Wall, which is a religious site located in Jerusalem and considered the holiest place for Jews to pray.

Ivanka Trump shared a picture of her praying at the wall on social media. Immediately, many people criticized and mocked her for her act of faith.

However, Christians and Jews and other believers jumped in to praise her for being proud of her faith.

This is not the first time that Ivanka Trump has been criticized for her faith. She also received backlash when sharing photos earlier this year of her honoring the lost lives of the Jews from the Holocaust and posting a picture of her and her family at the inaugural interfaith prayer service.

As the First Family continues to face criticism for their religious beliefs, they have not backed down from sharing elements of their faith, praying publicly, and using God’s holy name in speeches streamed worldwide.

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