Ivanka Trump Bashed After Sharing Her Thoughts on Terrorism

August 19, 2017Aug 19, 2017

A terrorist attack occurred near a popular tourist area in Barcelona, Spain on Thursday, August 17th. A white van reportedly crashed into a large group of pedestrians, resulting in a horrible tragedy—14 people died and over 100 were injured. The following day, a knife attack happened nearby, leaving one victim dead and multiple individuals injured. 

In response, many came together in prayer, while others targeted President Trump for certain statements on the attacks. First Daughter Ivanka Trump was also bashed after her sharing her thoughts on terrorism.

She stated, "Deeply saddened by the ongoing acts of terrorism across the globe. Terror anywhere imperils freedom everywhere. Sending love to #Barcelona."


After sharing her remarks, many people responded with outrage. Some even compared the Trump family's actions to the actions of terrorists.



However, others appreciated her powerful words against terrorism. What do you think about her remarks? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments.


Franklin Graham also responded with a powerful statement after the tragic attacks in Spain. He had one strong word to describe the Barcelona terrorists. 

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