Controversial Art Exhibit Trashes Ivanka Trump in Derogatory Way, First Daughter Has Best Response

February 05, 2019Feb 05, 2019

The First Family has faced a massive amount of criticism from the Left since President Donald Trump was elected in 2016. Even more than two years after being in office, the Trumps continue to get attacked on a regular basis.

First Daughter Ivanka Trump, who is heavily involved with her father’s political career, often suffers the short end of the stick. Being a conservative woman in the White House advocating for issues like women in the STEM field and higher pay for females in the workforce is a complex dynamic; her pro-women platform, unfortunately, draws high criticism from liberals — especially feminists — as they view it to be “hypocritical.”

The most recent attack against Ivanka involves a controversial art exhibit that portrays the First Daughter in a derogatory way. According to The Hill, artist Jennifer Rubell designed an exhibit called “Ivanka Vacuuming,” which features an Ivanka look-alike happily vacuuming up crumbs that visitors throw at her.

The artist describes the exhibit as “simultaneously a visual celebration of a contemporary feminine icon; a portrait of our own relationship to that figure; and a questioning of our complicity in her role-playing.”

“The viewer throwing crumbs, and Ivanka vacuuming them, is not a stand-in for one feeling, one relationship or one point of view toward this powerful and sexualized female form,” a news release said. “It is intentionally open to multiple, often contradictory interpretations that are as critical of the interpreter as they are of the subject.”

The artist noted that visitors “enjoy” throwing crumbs at the fake Ivanka: "That is the icky truth at the center of the work. It's funny, it's pleasurable, it makes us feel powerful, and we want to do it more."

The First Daughter had the best response to the controversial art exhibit! She released a statement via Twitter — deciding to take the high road.

“Women can choose to knock each other down or build each other up. I choose the latter.” Ivanka said in a tweet.

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