Ivanka Trump Facing Major Backlash Over Latest Family Photo

May 27, 2018May 27, 2018

First Daughter Ivanka Trump is currently facing major backlash over a recent family photo she shared on social media. The innocent photo showed her and her youngest son, 2-year-old Theodore James, holding each other on Sunday morning.

See the photo below:

Liberals slammed Ivanka for sharing a photo of her and her child in wake of a report that claimed the federal government “lost” nearly 1,500 immigrant children last year. According to CNN, unaccompanied immigrant children were placed in sponsor homes, but almost 1,500 of them were unaccounted for.

Many replied to her photo with the trending hashtag #WhereAreTheChildren. Others blamed her family for the loss of the 1,500 kids.

On the other hand, Trump supporters had a much different response to Ivanka’s photo of her and Theodore. Read more about their reaction here.

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