Ivanka Attacked for Wearing Clothes from Her Own Fashion Line

December 27, 2017Dec 27, 2017

Since becoming an unpaid adviser to her dad, President Trump, Ivanka Trump has handed over her fashion business in order to avoid a conflict of interest, especially after her company used a picture of her once in their advertising in the same month that her dad was elected.


According to The Hill, Ivanka has distanced herself from the company this year but stopped short of selling it for fear that someone would have unfettered “licensing and leveraging” power over the first daughter’s namesake fashion line.

But the Wall Street Journal Wednesday accused Ivanka of still promoting her company in an investigative piece they entitled “How Ivanka Trump Is a Walking Billboard for Her Namesake Fashion Business.” They pointed out that, over the course of six months in 2017, Ivanka wore at least one item from her brand in 68 percent of her social media posts. They did a deep analysis to determine that.


However, Ivanka says she is not trying to simultaneously boost her business while helping her dad run the country. She says that claim makes no sense.

“If what motivated me was to grow my businesses and make money, I would have stayed in New York and done just that,” she argued.

The Ivanka Trump brand’s spokeswoman said the first daughter does not coordinate her outfit choice with them, and they don’t use any of her social media posts for their advertising. The Wall Street Journal’s and The Hill’s stories on the matter drew some social media commentors that took the opportunity to trash Ivanka’s brand, but many felt that the Journal was really reaching with their story.






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