Its No Secret The Media Is Hostile Towards Trump, But Even This Is BEYOND Shocking.

March 02, 2017Mar 02, 2017

Just a little over a month since President Trump was sworn into office and the sharks are still circling. The mainstream media has it out for Trump and they are not shy about showing their hatred, something that would have been unheard of during the Obama presidency.


A new in-depth study conducted by the Media Research Center reveals that President Trump was 100% right about the mainstream media creating fake and biased news stories to damage his presidency.

The MRC studied the evening newscasts from ABC, NBC, and CBS and according to the Washington Times, they found some very shocking and disturbing numbers to back up Trump’s claim.

The study found that of the coverage of President Trump’s first month in office by the 3 big networks, approximately 88% of the coverage was downright hostile.

The MRC added up the amount of time in the nightly newscasts that was spent on Trump, his policies, and his staff. What they found was that approximately 16 hours were dedicated to Trump related issues. Those 16 hours account for 54% of all the news that the 3 networks covered.

Of those 16 hours, 88 percent of the time was spent bashing President Trump or covering him negatively and unfairly.

The MRC also found many instances where the news anchors added in their own vitriolic, snide, and hateful remarks.

Have you been watching the mainstream media’s news broadcasts? Do you think they are fair and unbiased?